Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some things that have been happening around here...

Christmas Decorating happened on December 1st. Here is Nya and Analise ( as you can see we are freezing our tails off over here) :) and Tina in the pink and and Mafunase in the blue came for the fun. After we decorated we were so hot we took them swimming. It was such a fun memory to decorate and swim within 2 hours.

Love this picture of Analise!

Here is my Senior College Bible Study. It is Finals week and boy let me tell you about my final. Bake a Cake and watch a Christmas movie as the cakes baked...

Here they are watching Elf! Such a true christmas classic It was fun to see their reactions to the americanese of it. The ladies loved it and they all passed. I am one tough teacher I know!

Here is the World Religions class getting ready to go to the Hindu temple. As they sat in my living room waiting for the bus to arrive discussing the excitement of what was in store for them. So fun to be apart of.

My friend that lost her husband went back to the states today. So thank you for all your prayers for them. Well- lots of love and chat with you soon. Amy Louise

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