Monday, December 08, 2008

The deepest ache...

This last week a missionary friend of mine lost her husband in a tragic car accident. They are our age with 3 little girls. He was dropping off food for some pastors on a road we have traveled many times. As he was coming to a trading center (a small town) and a car lost control while speeding and killed him instantly. Ugh! So please pray for her. Here is a picture of their family blog... I couldn't sleep the first night that I heard it. It was too raw. Too close to home and so overwhelming to understand why. They came the same time we came last year and have gone through the same journey we here. They were teaching at a bible college and just loving on Malawians (doing what we are doing). it has been very intense this week. Then my other friend here just lost her baby at 8 months pregnent. A baby boy. Ugh! Death so real and so raw. So please pray for her and her husband. Their names are Nick and Rudo.
So please pray for us as we have been loving, praying and being a support to our friends as they search to find God real during this time. Love- amy louise

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Rachel said...

so sorry to hear about your friends. I will be praying.