Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So we are plugging away. Right now, we are getting ready for some friends to come and live here. They will be here for 2 years. Oh it is so exciting to have them come. She (Emily) will be a 3rd grade teacher at the academy and He (Josh) will be the on campus maintance man. They come this monday! Yippee. We are still busy with stuff. We got our car back! Yippee for us. We are thankful for that. We are having about 8 students over for dinner tonight just for a connect time. We are busy - but not as busy as the year starts. We can't believe in about a month we will be headed into a new school year. It will be nice not to be new this year. It will be nice already knowing people and connecting right away with the students. It is amazing to think that we have been a year here in August. I feel comfortable here finally. I feel fine driving on the other side of the road (along with the people, goats, bikes, and other crazy drivers). I feel fine going to 5 shops for grocery shopping. I don't get bothered by the flies that land on your face and won't stop landing on it when you shoo them off. I have accepted that there is nothing here to do but hang out with people. I am doing great with the weird different types of food. I have learned that life here is slow motion and that is great. I am still though struggling with the poverty and feeling helpless but recongizing that I personally can't change the world. I can only change myself and those that come in my sphere of life. I am loving my relationships that I have here with college students and other missionaries here. I really do still miss Target and A good burritto. Simply put - I have adjusted mostly- most days. Maybe not all days. I am fine today living in Africa.
I really have gone through a journey with my walk with the Lord these last few months. Very deep. I feel that He has stripped me Raw and all I have is Him to lean on. The greatest place to be even though it is hard to here at the same time. Both Bob and I have felt that we are at awesome place of nothing to offer Him but us. That He will use us for what we are needed to be used for , everyday that we give Him ourselves. We really have been amazed in all the deep life things we have learned. Ask us about one day when you see us in person. We would love to share the journey with you.
Just wanted to connect with you and let you know we are doing great! Somedays are better than others, but that is what life is about! Everyday is brand new day. And His mercies are new every morning. Thank God that we are not stuck in the yucky days.
Love you all and I will continue update you! Amy Louise

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