Sunday, June 29, 2008

here is our update for the month of June...

Hello from African Bible College . We are on WINTER Break... So that is what they call it here. It is chilly kinda... But Winter? Winter is the word you use for Snow and below zero tempatures. Anyways Lets amuse them and call it "WINTER Break". We can do that. Most of the students have gone home for the break. There are about 25 students left on campus. Many of the young couples and single teachers have left too. So it is a really quiet campus. But we are enjoying investing in those that are here. We have short term mission teams we are working with daily here, so we are still busy. Just wanted to connect with you all and let you know that we are still serving here in Malawi .
We had an amazing trip to the village (7 hours north of here) and were able to share the gospel to over 500 people. Also, through that time we were able to disciple those that we shared the gospel to over the easter holiday, in deeper spiritual truths.

Also please pray as we:
-Are dealing with a clutch that has gone out in our car and it is right now a mystery how to fix it. (so the mechanic here says) It is kinda fixed for now. We still are having troubles...
- are having over students (daily), still shaping the africans here for Jesus.
- have a restful "winter break" together.

Thank you so much for sending us emails, cards, love, prayer, packages, and support! We couldn't be here doing what we are doing if it wasn't for each one of you!
Love- Amy Louise for all of us!

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