Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On the mend and Bob's Birthday..

WOW Prayer works... Thank you so very much! Seriously it was a long 5 days of up chucking not fun. But a treat was that both Bob and I did not catch the bug...

Here are the girls and Bob eating lunch yesterday for the first time in 3 days...

Here is Bob's Birthday present a chameleon

Nya going back to school and wanting to walk and push the stroller...

Here is the road to school about .03 of mile to school from where we are at.

So thank you for you prayers and love what a treasure to have intercessor for friends. We love you all and will keep you all updated in our little life. Keep connecting with me in your stories too. Lots of love- Amy Louise


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, Amy and girls,
This is the first time I've been on your blog, and it was fun and informative. I put my email address in so I can get updates.

We are praying for you and anticipating that God will use you all there.
You are right about kids modeling what they see! Great message & pix. Love in Christ, Linda Harder

Ernie said...

Its great to see you two together and doing well. Miss the old frontline days sometimes.
God bless you both and your children and Merry Christmas.
The Henderson Family, Ernie-Lisa-Aiyana,Lakotah,Chandra Mae.