Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Children imitate life...

So the other day I came outside to see what the girls were doing and they were walking around with bowls (baskets they say) on their heads. What they were doing was imitating what they see around them I don't even remember if we ever talked about why the cute mommas carry things on their head with Nya and of course Analise is going to do it because she watches her older sister. It is amazing how they copy their surroundings without us even talking about it. So it made me think about all that she sees and the impact it has on her. If this little thing she saw made her do this what a huge impact we make in her in our actions. What a change in perspective it gave me. My words have huge impact but boy my actions carry more than I thought. I really can speak volumes without talking at all. I already knew it but then I saw it acted out and NOW I really know it. That is all for now-Amy Louise

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