Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lake Malawi..

On Saturday we went for a road trip to a little lake named Lake Malawi... Seriously you can't see the other side of the lake....below are some of the small villages on the way. You know I wanted to stop by and look and meet the cute families that live there... We drove through some small towns that have more stores... And a super transit system... of course I am joking....Small pick ups with lots of people Not the safest way to travel...
HEre is my cute analise and my cute Thandie.... Analise face is continually covered with dirt. Whether at the beach or home.
The waves were a little overwhelming at first for the missy. But at the end of the day she was waist deep letting them crash on her
She loves Thandie and prefered her to take her in the water. James (thandie husband) also along with Nya and bob which are the small dots in the picture below. We couldn't drag them out for about 2 hours. Nya was diving into the waves and swimming like fish also.

Here is a school trip from our neighborhood actually! These kids played for hours in the beach just as our girls...

Here is the cute couple up close. We really enjoy them and you will be seeing more of them.

Lots of love-Amy Louise


Anonymous said...

Wow the waves almost looked like the ocean...what a lovely place to go for a day. Lucky you. Love you all...Mom

Anonymous said...

I love seeing Molly's bathing suit on Analise....all the way in Malawi-Africa. Wow, that brings it back home. Miss those girls. Wishing I were the one Analise wanted to swim with most! Love ya, SK