Friday, October 19, 2007

11 weeks already...

Seriously How does the time fly? We have had such a busy week . Bob has had his Mid -Terms for the college. The students did great. Then Nya was off the entire week. Mid Term break. So nice for the kids. We have had fun. Busy but fun with friends and hanging out with each other.

We really got to just love on people. Our favorite thing to do...So on Monday night I had 12 people over to watch a movie on Bob's projector that he uses for teaching! Then we had friends from the College (James and Thandie she works in the administration and was an ABC grad over 9 years ago) over on Tuesday for dinner Then on Wednesday we went to our campus bible study after having some academy teacher friends over for dinner. And by Thursday we had some new friends over for dinner that are doctors at a ministry that works with HIV/AIDS patient exclusively. They are truly on the front lines with that disease. They have a website if anybody is nosy. I am connecting with them as they are looking in needing help with xray! So we will see! Here is the website...

So here is Friday and it is potluck night here on campus. We do it every Friday, fun to just connect with others on the campus. So tomorrow we head to Lake Malawi which is 1 1/2 hour away to swim and hang out! We are going with James and Thandie and some college students. I will get some pictures. That will be fun. Then it's Sunday again and here we go.

I wanted to tell you how much fun we had at the crisis nursery. They have about 30 babies is a house about 1700 square feet. About 4 workers taking care of the babies. So I arrived with some friends. there was 7 of us total. My car which is station wagon really only holds 5 people but we put some in the back. I had to turn away some college students that wanted to come but since I didn't have enough room in my car. We are praying for a car that will hold more people so more people we can take to outreaches like this. We will probably at least once a week with college students to go help feed and hold babies. They are about 1 week old to 18 months old. Nya came with us and let me tell you she was so wonderful with those babies. She held about 8 babies ( or maybe even more than that I think I lost count) while she was there - I held maybe 3. How do you put one down? She would rock, sing and giggle at them for about 10 minutes and go and get another and repeat it all over again even with the same song. Of course she came home and told Bob it would be fine if we had another baby that didn't have a mommy or daddy. How tender is her heart. It is so beautiful to see your daughter love others. Especially knowing these babies have it all going against them but this house. It is haven for them.
So Please pray that we continue to press on and serve Jesus daily.
Please continue to pray for our health and safety.
Please pray that we would impact people in a way that they see Jesus in our lives and that we would be a light.
Love you all and thank you for your friendships and prayers We cherish it so much more....Amy Louise

P.s. I am still trying to get to bob to blog. You know it is not natural to him. Me I crave it. Just time flies past and I say AAAHHHH I need to blog... But this next time I will tell you about the lake with pictures and my new bible study I get to be apart of.

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