Thursday, September 20, 2007

We are alive and doing better...

So thank you for you prayers and love. Nya got better yesterday. She threw up for 2 days and ate barely nothing until Tuesday night. When she got her strength back she was bouncing around. We said off to school for you missy. So we are thankful that Analise did not get the crud.

So I wanted you to see the outreach that Nya went with Bob and his college students do weekly. They go every Thursday into the local village and gather all the children in that area and teach them. It is kinda a Sunday school format but it is Thursday. :) Nya loves it, but the only complaint she has is that every kid wants to touch her hair. She has the most tender head I know. But she tells its fine and she doesn't cry when they touch her hair. She doesn't want them to be sad. Such a sweet perspective.
Here is Nya with her Kindergarten class! They are singing a song they prepared for chapel. I will put it on the blog so you can see Nya singing in Chichewea! In this picture she is in the back with her arms up. Who knows why. Maybe checking to see if her deoderant is working. We sweat alot here! Just teasing only the adults stink not 5 year olds.

So we are just plugging away here Still adjusting. We have been 6 weeks and It really feels like 6 months. I am missing american candy and Target these days. I know its dumb but somedays you just miss comforts of what you are familiar with.

Thank you for loving us and emailing us. We keep the stories coming. Love - amy louise for the family!


Robin said...

oh amy louise how good it is to read your blogs and hear how you are doing
i can hear you talking every time i read one
the pictures and videos are fabulous
take care and much love to you and your family

The Oakes Family said...

So glad to hear that everyone is doing better. Sweet Nya! Can't believe that the baby I met 5 years ago is so old and wise.:) I love you and prayed for you that your perspective and focus would be renewed, your heart refeshed and your mind transformed.
Love you, Caren