Friday, September 21, 2007

Nya singing in chapel...

So the previous video I posted was Nya at her school. She is in back on the left. She has chapel every Friday where they do something. I did not video as well as I would have liked. Analise kept pulling my leg. It made me dizzy. But thought you all would love to see it anyways. I do know that it is a grandparent movie but since we are far away I would show it to everyone :) You know what I mean by grandparent movie...meaning grandparents want to see their grandchild in anything. So this was the anything...

Analise loves holding the geckos. She calls Gook Gooks. Pretty close. They are everywhere and Bob catchs them for her and she loves them.

Here is Nya's first grade teacher for next year. Her name is Megan and she comes over to hang with us weekly. She is 2 houses down. Now Analise was in "I just woke up mode and you are taking a picture of me. "

I will tell you that I will get more of Africa for you as our journey continues. Love you all- Amy Louise

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