Sunday, September 02, 2007

The previous post was chapel tonight...

Every Sunday there is Chapel for the Students at the college and us too. It was delicious to hear the singing. Here is sample of what worship in Chichewa sounds like. Chichewa is the local language spoken here in Malawi. Can you not wait for heaven when we are worshiping Him together. I can't.

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ANother week for us here begins. We think we have found a church here in Lilongwe. We are really excited about it. We will keep you updated.

Love- Amy Louise


The Oakes Family said...

So awesome! Thank you for sending the clips. The worship was delicious you are right! Praise the Lord!! Love, Caren

Anonymous said...

Amy Lou ~
I don't know if I'm hormonal, emotional, or just plain missing you all but I had a hard time keepin' it together as I watched all the clips - but especially the one of church & singing. Reminded me of when I was in Romania - couldn't understand a word being sung but KNEW we were all united & the Holy Spirit was present.

Miss you, love you, mean it!