Saturday, February 08, 2014

Update in our lives here in Malawi!

All these amazing pictures are from my friend Joe as they came to visit us this last month....  


Mt Bunda about 1 1/2 hour away from our house-  Can you see how green the Wet Season is...

Here is Bob Preaching a our friend's church about 2 hours away from we live...

Dancing!  That is what life should consist of everyday!

And love this!

We were so Blessed by our friends to be able to go on a proper African Safari with them!

Luke enjoyed it all!  

Oh the Magical Forest of Zambia!

Bob working in his office - preparing for the next semester classes and 

Bob teaching with Jun Shiomitsu - visiting professor from Toyko.

Here is our update letter that I sent out!   Thanks for reading, praying and being apart of our lives!

Hello amazing friends and sweet family!  Crazy how time has been flying by!  Can't believe that it February 2014 already.  Rainy season is upon Malawi!  When it is the "rainy season" it turns this "Dry Season" where everything is brown into the deepest green you can ever imagine.  

We have had a full and busy beginning of 2014.  We had some dear friends come out from California and spend an amazing 3 weeks together.  Then we had new friends from Japan come and teach business and media classes to the college students. It was a full January.  

Classes have begun for Bob and the girls and are in full swing as of now.   For Bob, teaching, being director of the Master's program, head of security and working with the embassy here making the campus safer has been busy.  The girls have continued on in 6th and 3rd grade.  They have joined basketball after school teams and been loving it.  We have a continual flow in and out of our house with students, project coordinators, fellow missionaries (there are about 75 that live on our campus alone and 23 of those are singles - needing love and food), kids and people local and people from other countries.  People People People! That is what life is really all about!  Relationships!  We are full up on those!

Please continue to pray for us:
As we continue daily to put Christ above all else!

As we dig into many many relationships that we would continue to point them to Christ and love on those around us!

We would be intentional in our relationships as a family!

That we would live life to the fullest daily! We have only been given the right now of today and that we would not be hung up on the tomorrows worries!

Thank you for loving, praying and supporting all of us as we serve the King of the universe here in Malawi Africa!  |
Love- all of the stauffy family!

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