Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another year is starting here in Africa for us...

This summer has flown by.  School has started up again!  Nya and Analise have started school as of yesterday. 
Nya is 6th grade and Analise is 3rd grade

Analise and Mrs. Timmerman (she is from Canada)

Nya and her 6th grade teacher Mr Buckley and his Teacher's Assistant Mrs. Tiya
She was ABC College Valedictorian!

The Boys-  Nya's last year teacher -Nick  and his new co-teacher Bill

Missionary friends! Nya, Brianna (Austrilia) and Charlotte (St.Louis)

Can you find Bob and the girls at the school assembly? 
All this almost 2 year old wants to do is see the camera!

Well- The semester has started for the girls!  Bob starts his graduate classes next Monday!  This summer break was a very busy busy busy "break" as Bob was preparing for the incoming classes and help managing the campus as he wore many different hats this summer.  I felt like I did a thousand things each day and felt like little was accomplished.  People left and people came and my friend Marion and I cleaned up behind them.  Hosting People and Housing Maintenance!  We have now 23 singles and 3 new families in the houses that we prepared over the summer.  So glad to be able to have everyone on campus and now I can catch my breath!  

So sorry it has taken sooo long to sit down and share some pictures.  Will try and catch you up over the next month.  :)  thank you so much for praying for us and sending us support and loving on us as we serve here at African Bible College... 
We pray that our impact here will be based on relationships and how we radiate Christ!
Love- all of the stauffy family!

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Wishing you all a wonderful semester. Sending prayers and love! Tz