Monday, May 13, 2013

Super Saturday Sports Day at the College...

 Every year there is a sports day at the college.  All classes and staff compete to win the title of winner!  Staff won this year!  Below are pictures from that day - taken by my friend Carson.  Luke was the trying to compete also!! Bob has been the Arm wrestling champion until this year.  Nya's teacher Nick Hughes won!
Luke and Limbani- love his face- so serious

He loves his big brother Limbani!  He graduates this year and we will miss him .

One of the challengers

this was not staged and love their faces as bob knows that Nick is winning...

Analise is flying!

love that tongue
It is on! and they won!

Taking a moment to refresh himself!  Oh he thinks he is such a big boy!

My friend Carson who is from Texas took all these pictures.  Here she is running a 200 meter race and I am cheering her on.

Nya running the baton!  

hanging with daddy as they help with the high jump

this boy loves drums and can't get enough of them!

he is sitting on Nathan lap as Alter and Kondwani  are next to him

Priceless!  This boy loves it....

Please continue to pray as we have been sick this last week.  No fun to try and dig in and be sick. The college graduation events are happening and we are super busy.  Please pray as Bob is interviewing with other co workers new graduate students for the program.
Thanks for you love and support and prayers!
Love- the stauffy family!

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