Thursday, January 03, 2013

Happy New Year! Can't believe it's 2013!

So crazy that another year is over and we are moving on to 2013!  Weren't we supposed to be living in space by now. :)   It really flies by as you look backwards.  Funny how Life is really simple and we make our lives crazy by doing too much.   We think that we have these future years to enjoy it but not right now - we have too much to do and we are running around crazy. In reality we don't know the day or time that He calls us home. (just heard about my friend's friend who died at 23) I am reminded again - Life is short.  We live so carelessly.  We don't take care of what we have been given.  Let's take the time to remember what He has blessed us with and not throw away the gift of time that we have. We need to stop the chaos and refocus and reprioritize.  It is all gone in flash and I don't want to be the one saying I missed out on His story for my life. 

Please continue to pray for us as we serve here at ABC...
-That we would be passionate about our walk with the King of the Universe
-We would be intentional as a family and not let busyness change into chaos.
-When you live in your work, it truly gets exhausting.  Please pray for strength for us as we love on students, missionaries and the continue flow that comes through our front door. Which I love and is very stretching at times.  Somedays it seems we can never give enough... 
-Both schools start up in 2 weeks.  Busyness can sneak up on us.  Pray that we enjoy the moments we have given- Right here, Right now!

 Thank you for being our friends and prayer warriors.  We could not do what we do without you!
Lots of love- the stauffy family
bob, amy, nya, analise and luke!

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