Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life update.

This may be a repeat but for some! Sorry!

Hello sweet friends and family-

So sorry it has been about a month or more since I have updated you via email. For about the last 6 weeks, someone in our family of 5 has been sick. It has taken a toll on us. Sure it's normal to have sickness but the worry that every time there is a fever in middle of the night that it might be malaria. Also there is no pediatric line to call that is when you really know you are in Africa and not in familiar land. I remembered when I was in that States last year and one of the girls got a fever and I was so relieved that I didn't have to think that it was malaria. Remembering that God knows the number of our days and He is control is quite a relief. So this far this week we have 2 kids with double pink eyes and a fresh new cold for Luke- building up that baby boy's immunity! So we daily surrender because continual sickness wears us down and we know we are in a daily spiritual battle. So we would appreciate your prayers.

What is happening daily here- (pictures on the posts below)

Bob is teaching classes - graduate classes, undergraduate classes, outreach, mentoring students and head of security of the campus.

Girls going to the school - Nya is in 5th grade and Analise is 2nd grade. Busy with after school activities and friends!

I am home and helping around the campus - I am helping an alumni student who works here at ABC with dean of women issues, helping with campus housing, meeting with the women students, investing in people and being mama first and foremost to my family!

Luka - that is how Luke is called here - He is one and the world is at his fingertips and in his mouth. He is an amazing communicator and loves to be outside. Cuteness!

How you can be praying!

As we enter another week of sickness, that we would keep our eyes on Jesus and that it would not wear us down.

We would be able to invest in our family and put that first. Seriously everything can distract us away from what God has given us first!

That we would be a light and make a difference in all that we do!

That we would not be too homesick as the holidays come and am missing seeing Christmas in Costco! I know it may sound silly but I cried the last time I saw that! Don't have any reason but I miss that!

Thank you again for praying, loving and supporting us as we serve here at African Bible College in Malawi Africa!

Love- all the Stauffy Family - Bob, Amy, Nya, Analise and Luka!

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