Saturday, September 15, 2012

school is in session!

School in session here in Malawi.  Nya is in 5th grade and Analise is in 2nd grade.  Oh they grow up so fast. They ride their bikes to school everyday and enjoy it so.  Nya has a 2 teachers right now.  Mr. Nick Hughes from Cali and Mrs. Angie Santos from Malawi.  Nya has 2 teachers because one is going to have a baby in about a week and the other is filling in.  She really enjoys it!  Analise has Mrs. Beth Trumble, a teacher from Colorado and says its her favorite 2nd grade teacher ever! :)

The sweet girls ride their bikes to school.  Remember those days?

Here is Nya with her class in Chapel.  Some of these girls have been in the same class together since kindergarten.
Nya's teacher is Nick in the middle and the pregnant lady Angie at the end. Do you see Nya watching me...

Analise with her teacher and class at chapel.

Nya with her class presenting a song in Chapel.  All the girls in front but nobody can see the boys, they are too short.

Doing homework with friend Olivia!  They have soooo much fun together.

Went to open house and this is was written in Analise's journal. Love it!
Below are other things hanging around the classroom!

This baby boy is super cute and super busy!  He will be year in October! Where did that year go?

Love those legs wanting to walk everywhere!

So as things are in full motion here at the college and the girls school.  Bob has 3 classes he is teaching that he is loving.  I hope to get pictures of that up next week.  He loves his classes as he is teaching in the Master's program here at ABC.  He loves the deep conversations that he is having with these amazing African leaders.  He is the busiest I have ever seen him but he is loving it.
Thank you for your prayers and support as we serve here at African Bible College.
Love- all of us!

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