Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hmmm... Still stuck with me....

On Monday a large container came with all of the books and stuff for classrooms from Mississippi. Also, there was personal stuff we could send if we wanted to. I was so blessed to have a box that made it with some amazing clothes given by friends for my kids. The next sizes up, these cute kids are getting tall. I am so blessed but as I saw things go by me of what other people got and then I was seeing I was getting jealous. What- I thought I had arrived and dealt with that monster.  Sadly no... I still am dealing with the jealously monster. You would think being exposed to extreme poverty, I would not struggle of wanting more. Sadly I am still stuck with me...  but asking Jesus to help in every situation! 
Outside the campus... Mamas carrying wood for firewood on their head. Remembering to keep it simple!
Gave away a bookshelf...He took it home and was so excited! Oh the things I take for granted...
The contents of my box from sweet loving friends!  Thank you!

Oh life- such a journey!  A good one at times and other times it is very stretching!
sending love from Africa!
Amy Louise

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmh! or hmmmm! what a great reminder!
Thanks for sharing your heart!
Definitely this monster is in me too. Praying for you as i learn to let Christ deal with my heart too. Love you!