Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lessons learned...

I always love the lessons that God teaches me as I look back - (hindsight is usually clearer then it is -while I am going through it, just so you know while I am in the thick of it - I am whining!)  

But I do love the big lessons, the ones about trust, about my pride, about humility, not to respond emotionally, to love even when I don't feel like it, to keep walking on even though I want to crawl in my bed, to give unselfishly, to love them like Jesus would, to take the time when I want rush, to keep praying when I want to change something now!, see people as Jesus does, oh it's not all about ME?, didn't I already learn THAT lesson, realizing it's ME again not Blah Blah Blah and finally  -I am broken human being that is so glad that I have been redeemed by Jesus' blood and I can do it all again tomorrow because of that!

A piece of clay being molded!  

“Somehow we never grow accustomed to the idea that pain and difficulties are a part of the human experience. God is not going to exempt His children from life’s difficulties. Rather, He highlights those very challenges to prove our faith is genuine. " - A borrowed quote from a fellow blogger and Beth Moore

Lately as I have been reflecting back at my lessons over these last few months. I have seen an underlining lesson in them all.  The big lessons are really taught through the every day of life and how I respond to it.  It is how I respond to people, circumstances, and Jesus' calling on my everyday life.  It is the small, small moments I am responsible for.  It is there - the big lessons are worked through and that it is where I am growing!

The small moments in dealing with the everyday grind of life are where I am held accountable.  That is where I am growing and changing in those moments.  Those moments when I respond Christ like or irrationally, when I choose patience instead of arghhhh, I find joy in things not going my way, when I crave deep talks and all I get is surface conversations to enjoy those conversations, when I want to selfishly hide in my bed but I keep going on, when I run out of steam and ask the Holy Spirit to help and He does!  It is those everyday moments - that is what I am responsible for and how I respond to them is  - where I learn the most and grow!

As we serve here at ABC - it is by, many of you that we are here and able to give out here in Malawi!  This "here" is where God is teaching and shaping us!  Thank you for loving, praying and supporting us!  Thank you for being apart of our many lessons learned!  
Humbled daily,  
The Stauffy Family!

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