Thursday, June 21, 2012

a trip to mwale's village... peopleloving on people

These pictures are courtesy of my mother in law Joan!  She captured great pictures.  !

Our day began traveling about an hour and half north to our friend Mwale's village.  Bob had been asked to preach at the church there.
Analise and I had to use the toilet... Well -  
Here is the toilet!  :(...  
Ok - Now back to cuteness hanging out with even more cuteness!
More fun!
Cuteness with more kids 
Love this picture of Nya
They had a tent for us to sit under... didn't work well with us standing - we are tall...
Luke with Mwale!  They love hanging out together!
Bob preaching... Those ladies in white are from the women's guild...
A sweet mama cooking up nsima (ground corn flour) for dinner
We ate amazing at Mwale's home!  He told me to bring my Ranch dressing!  He knows we love it!
Singing and dancing with the girls with Mwale's home in the background...
We danced with the whole village!  Priceless....

We have been so blessed with care packages over these last couple of months.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and our stomachs.  What a treasure to have people love us from a far with candies, mac and cheese and beef jerky!  So fun.  School is now out for the college and the girls.  Our days are now full with other things.  I and my friend/neighbor Marion have been helping prepare/host teams (over 200 people are visiting ABC this summer) that come visit Malawi and stay on campus.  Bob has been in interviews for 55 people that have applied for the Master Program that he and our neighbor/friend Bruce will be teaching this coming August.  The girls are in play all day mode.  Sadly Analisey has caught a bug and has been indoors these last few days. :(  Luke is so big.  He is 8 1/2 months old and sooooo cute!  

We feel so privileged to be here to love on Africans.  What a joy to show God's transforming love by spending time with people. In return we get to be loved on back!  The power of relationships!  It is amazing! 

Thank you for praying and supporting us as we serve here in Africa!  Love- the stauffy family

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Anonymous said...

Sweet memories of Mwale's family and our visit. Mom and Dad Warrick