Saturday, February 18, 2012

My cute chickens at 5 months!

Nya Beans at 5 months

Analisey at 5 months

Lukey at almost 5 months
Lukey making googley eyes at me!

My sweet babies!  What a joy to share life with them!  Each one has had a different journey!  Nya remembers growing up in San Diego, Analisey remembers growing up in Africa and San Diego and Lukey will only know Africa until we go back to America for our next home assignment.  Imagine- having a child that has not tasted a good Costco hot dog or enjoyed Target popcorn! - So different than me.  As Bob and I are raising our kids - we know that they are being shaped by the culture that they are growing up in.  In our house and in Africa, their journey in this life is being made. Their story will be so different than their friends and us; they will often feel like an outsider in America and as well as here in Africa.  They call it third culture kids! Please pray that we would be able to shape and guide them to be Heaven cultured kids.  We are praying that they would know that their home will be always in heaven and be content where ever God calls them to live in this world when they grow up.

Thank you for loving, praying and supporting us as we serve Jesus over here in Malawi!  We are so blessed to have an amazing group of people be apart of our journey as we serve here at African Bible College! 

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Anonymous said...

very cute and they r definitely amazing in their own ways. what a blessing. love u and love them and i win!