Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Visitor's journey

Bob and Amy's lovely front patio where we have spent many hours. I am playing "Old Maid" with the girls and Bob and Gary are chatting.
Dennis the grounds worker made the beautiful floral garland around the door as a welcome to us. Analise and Nya have the cowgirl outfits Grandma made for them on. They have been wearing them for days now.

On the way to town. Many walking (always) and carry things on their heads. I took this from the car

Men selling plastic bags, belts and colorful striped socks, with a market area behind them.

Gary and Barb sharing to Bob's class on the commitment of marriage.

Gary enjoying the many students on the way to "Tea Time" at 10 in the morning. Nice little break time. We have been swamped with the many impressions and sensory overload of this new land. We have adjusted fairly well the the time change and the long trip. Yesterday there was several thunderstorms and heavy rains and today it is cooler, thank the Lord. It has been very warm and humid. We had a chance to share with a couple on staff concerning their marriage which was very rewarding. We are grateful for the warm welcome we have received and all the wonderful people we have met. Here on campus it is easy to forget all the challenges that are right outside the campus gates and just enjoy the peace and grace that is all around us on this oasis. Amy and Bob have created a lovely home and provided a gracious place for students and fellow staff to be encouraged and refreshed on a daily basis.

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