Sunday, December 21, 2008

The journey of motherhood...

I am such a proud mama of my girls but here is a day I am so proud of my cute daughter Nya. They had a swimming competition for the entire school and she had to swim in a relay... So here Nya is getting ready to dive in and swim! They won and were so proud of themselves. My friend captured this on her amazing camera!

You know as the days that Nya and Analise get older the journey of motherhood grows deeper. I love these deep moments. Nya was so nervous to swim but has now caught the passion to be a swimmer. We will see how Nya does in the years to come. I never knew that swimming is a big part of the community here.
Speaking of water and swimming. We were out of water for about 2 1/2 days. Thank you for praying! It is amazing how much you need water for everyday life. We are thankful for the simple things! Lots of love- amy louise

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Anonymous said...

Go Nya! Love it!
Love you, Auntie SK