Thursday, December 11, 2008

The dancing girls....

So last night was the Christmas program here at ABC. The girls sang songs and did a dance to "what Child is this." So cute.

Show me your ballerina arms. That is what they did...

Here is about 200 hundred of the 300 kids in the program. Amazing job they did.

Analise had to sit with the big kids because she was in the dance. So she hung with her favorites. Megan has been here the same time we have. We all love her. Here is when I was trying to get the girls attention. Girls look at me and smile. Girls, Girls! This was the response. major distraction... I was too.

Some one said let me take of picture of you two! So here we are!

The parent section! Loved being apart of that crowd and not on the other side. Nya said she was so nervous and Analise it didn't even faze her.

Here they are waiting patiently. As you can see Megan in the background. Analise was in her lap most of the 2 hours.
So I am going to put on videos of the dance and songs. Now Analise in the dance was so cute when the song ended she forgot what to do and so she just stood there. Also she knew none of the songs and she did a great job of winging it. I love it! Well I just wanted to let you in on last night. Today was the last day of school for 4 weeks. We love the long vacations! We will be refreshing not having to be up and dressed by 7am.
We love you all! love amy louise


Anonymous said...

Weez: Great pictures, cute girls, handsome/lovely couple. Thanks for the pictures. Would love to be there to see all the fun. Talk to ya soon!!!! love dad

Sarah said...

Amy...the picture of the girls looking different directions (with their ballerina outfits on)...I could barely tell them apart...had to look REALLY hard. Analise has grown up sooooo very much!!!