Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What are we up to...

Wow life is sure busy. We are in full swing of school. We are loving being back with all the students on campus. On top of Bob regular jobs (teaching, head of security and - he is now in charge along with Sam McDonald(another professor), the student outreaches. They have to schedule about 140 students to go out and serve in the community. They go every Thursday. They go to orphanages, prisons, villages, and schools to love on people. They do bible studies with all the people that they interact with and also discipleship. Bob will be taking about 7 students to the village that he created a relationship with over this last year called Mchoka. They will be doing bible studies and training the local pastors. This is definitely why we are here. To train and disciple! What a treat. So i will start taking more pictures all of that and also of my classes and Bob's! And Nya's and Analise's! Thank you for prayers and continual love and support of us! We couldn't be here with out you all behind us as our team!

Here are some pictures of the daily life! Grocery shopping. I went with Emily and she took the pictures. Every one is of the produce. But at least you can see some of it. I will get more of it for you. For me I can end up going to 4 or 5 different stores to get what I need. Sometimes I miss the all in one stores. But most of the time I enjoy getting around and taking what I can get here. It is amazing the fruit and vegetables. I so love them. I have been going to the local market to get even more amazing fruits and veggies. And they play fun music there and I love to dance and make the Malawians giggle as they watch this Mzugu (foreigner) dance. I like to break the mold.

Well- Connect with you again! Lots of love- Amy Louise


Sarah said...

You tall drink of water YOU!! Love those pictures Amy!! For so many reasons!! It is just fun to see something so simple as where you shop! That market looks really pretty.

Rachel said...

thanks for posting pics. The stores look nice, much better than I imagined. Miss seeing you guys. I noticed the other day we had new neighbors move in to your house. Glad you were able to fill it.