Sunday, March 02, 2008

You know you are in Africa when...

You have gone to 8 ATMs to get cash and they are all broken... and when you find one there is a 45 to hour wait.
You are low on gas and they don't have any at any gas stations because the Gas people (who ever they are) didn't pay the bill. What how knew there was a bill to pay.
You have honk at cows, goats, bike riders, and everyone else in the country as you drive on the road.
You see litter everywhere and someone in front of you throws out a huge bottle. (so against my system from being scared to throw out even a tiny piece of gum in America)
You have to go to say no to people asking for help and no must not mean no and you almost have to yell NO.
You feel a deep heartache that you can't help everyone.

But on the good side of it...
You know you are in Africa when...
You stop by someones house and they take you in like family and you didn't have to schedule at least 3 weeks in advance to see them.
You get to be apart of something bigger than yourself. (IE the world)
You get to drink Coke out of glass Bottle
You get to hear Africans worship God. IT is the most beautiful sound ever.
You have tortilla chips that I made from scratch. Yep I do that! With the best guacamole dip! These avocados are amazing. or so are the bananas and pineapple and all veggies and fruits!
You get to see your children ask questions to the things they are exposed to. Like Nya asked the other day "what can we give the kids who have nothing?" as we were in a local village.
You get to stuff 11 people in your car when it only sit 7.
You have the opportunities to love on people who have nothing and affect their lives.
You get to love on babies that are orphans.
You get to share Christ love in a tangible way!

Love you all- Amy Louise

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