Sunday, March 23, 2008

My journey to Khuyu...

Here I am preaching to some of the villagers in Khuyu
The many kids of Khuyu
Some of the team singing at the Sunday service

I had the priveledge to take 6 of my college students on a 3-day trip into the bush (a little village called Khuyu). We spent our three days sharing the message of Christ with this village by going door to door, sharing the Jesus film, open air preaching, etc. This village (about 600 people) was literally in the middle of nowhere. We traveled about eight hours to get to this village (two of these hours were on dirt roads/paths/animal trails ???). The village setting was amazing; mountains all around, tobacco and corn fields in the valleys, and beautiful mud huts scattered throughout. The people were very friendly and were amazed to see an azungu (white person) in their village. Many of the children had never even seen an azungu. There was no electricity within miles, so the night sky and the stars were stunning. I felt priveledged to be at this place. Both Saturday and Sunday night we kicked on the generator at night to show the Jesus film on the big screen. This outdoor showing drew a big crowd, most of them had never seen a movie before. The movie was in their own language, which allowed them to really understand the message. What an impact.
On Sunday we held a church service outside using our sound system and pretty much the whole village showed up. This was amazing considering their were many different denominations throughout this village. Many of them said that this was the first time the whole village has come together as one. They said "why should it take a group from African Bible College to finally bring us togother after all these years. We need to be coming together more often".
Many people received Christ and were saved during our trip. We plan to go back soon and to train leaders and pastors in this village who can care for and lead these people.
Thank you for your love and prayers.
As a side note, I just wanted to let everyone know that teaching here is going very well. I love my classes and feel that God is truly using me in a wonderful way. I am teaching an outreach/practical ministry class and we go out as a class each week into the local villages, giving each student a chance to put their knowledge into practice. I get to see these students really making a difference in the lives of people who are in real need of the hope of Christ. These students will be the future leaders of Africa and it is a real priveledge to train them in the ways of the Lord and to encourage them as people. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity than what God has given us as we continue to serve here in Malawi. Keep praying for us as God is leading our family and keeping us close to Him.
Bob Stauffacher

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