Friday, January 25, 2008

Loving on the people...

That is what Analise does the best. ( Don't mind the messy hair :)) She is so full of life when we have people over. Daily she asks who are we having for dinner. So we had some friends over and she couldn't keep her hands off the baby. Dennis works for us as our gardener. He does such a wonderful job. We get to impact their lives and provide a living for this family.As Americans we are expected to employ someone. We came to ABC and Dennis and his cute family were already working at the house we live at... We love helping an local family here. His wife's name is Esther and his son's name is Alex and Victoria is the baby. She wanted to hold Victoria the moment she saw them. You can see that Esther is not very sure! It is so fun to have relationships that deepen who we are. They give us a deeper perspective. Life is simple and don't complicate it. We will keep on loving people especially Analise! Lots of love- Amy Louise

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