Friday, November 09, 2007

Outreach at Girls High School

Thought I would give you a snipet of my outreach. This is what I do on Wednesday afternoons. I take 3 students from ABC and bring them to this secondary (high school) for girls. Mind you this is the highest class of schooling there is in this city okay. Look around on the chalkboard and about all the chairs are broken and so aer the desks. The windows are broken and this is the top of the top. Anyways I bring these students to teach a bible study to these girls that live there at this school. It is a non christian school and so they face all the same struggles as kids in american public schools. They need encouragement, love and support and that is what we get to offer them. They come from various backgrounds and come together on a common ground as christians. It is a boarding school and they speak okay english. They are able to meet in clubs and this is one of the clubs. Our club is a bible study. We sing some worship songs and study one the books of the bible. It is refreshing to be with 14 year olds that are serving Jesus with everything that they got and that is not much.

The other azungu (actually it means foriegner or what they say for white person is Pam) Pam is from Ireland and been leading the bible study for the last 5 years. She was in a bad car accident this summer and just returned from recovery this last month. I kinda took over as leader for her as she recovered. I will continue to meet with the girls next year also. So fun for me. The other girl in the pink shirt is a college student named Christina. She is so much fun and has a great laugh and voice.
Well just a snipet. Love- Amy Louise


warrick clan said...

Hey Weez!
I watched this with the girls (they watch all your video clips over and over, and did I mention over?). I looked at Kate and she had these huge tears in her eyes she was trying to blink away. It's so neat to see your experience there impacting her little life. I share with her all about your ministry there/people loving/etc. and she prays about it often. Keep them coming!
Love you sister!

Anonymous said...

Precious! Precious! Precious! I am so, so, so jealous & happy for you all at the same time. I have just got to find a way to come & visit you while you're there! Holding babies, lovin' on them, hangin' with the girls...that's what I do! The only thing missing are the elderly. Ya got any of them there that you get to love on?

Missing you more than you know!

Love you all,
Auntie Z