Sunday, September 16, 2007

We got a bug and no water...

Pretty much on Monday morning I woke up with the chills ( my eyelashes even hurt) and was sick pretty much until Thursday. Yuck! Also Bob also got really sick with the bug. So we were down for the count until Friday. Really wiped us out. But the girls didn't get sick and that was a treat. When do the parents get sick and children do not? I have never experienced that.

And we have been without water off and on these last couple of days. It is amazing when the water goes out, you find yourself soooo thirsty and craving a shower. But what an American I am - I lose water for a day and I am hyperventilating When is it going to come back on? Hurry who is going to fix it and what is the problem and please who can fix it now! We have water every minute of every hour of every day in America and we don't think about it. But when you see here the cute mommas pumping their bucket full of water at a community well pump and putting it on the head to take home mind you with a baby on their back you say man I am so spoiled. I need to hush it!

Here is a website of the outreach that I am going to (along with my friend Leanne and will probably be bringing Nya) hopefully start helping these next couple weeks. It is called Children of the Nations! The village that we would go work in is about 5 minutes from our house. The village is named Mtsilitza

Here are the website details:

In the village of Mtsiliza, COTN operates a Village Assistance Program feeding 450+ children on a daily basis. This village is located in the capital city of Lilongwe. In addition to biblical instruction and English lessons, orphans are given nutritious meals and love from our caring staff. The most vulnerable orphans are given two meals a day and schooling.
A small Skills Center provides training to caregivers and guardians as a means to help them care for their children and “adopted children.”
A Teen Girls’ Home and a Teen Boys’ Home provide residential care for vulnerable youth who otherwise would have to fend for themselves on the streets.
Additional villages have been identified in the general vicinity and are being ministered to through emergency food supplies, medical attention, biblical teaching, and clothing. COTN has also provided food and supplies to an additional 1,500 children through approved missions or churches.

So in this village it is not drive able with my car because I need a truck to get in. So we need to work out transportation but it seems like there is a contact that will work out. But check out the website it is pretty detailed in what they do.

The college students go there weekly and really make an impact. So I will be keeping you updated!

Well that's all for now Lots of love - Amy Louise

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The Oakes Family said...

You are such a trooper. There are so many things that we take for granted here. Can you even imagine what would happen here if there was no water. Civil War probably. I'm loving and praying for you today. Caren