Thursday, September 06, 2007

So below are some vidoes..

I went out today to get some groceries. Here are the driving adventures that I face. I really was driving safe. All those mothers out there don't worry this is the safe part. The first video is just outside of the campus. the Campus is to the right and the next one is a fun one of the buses in Malawi. Meaning trucks.
Lots of love for now. Not much time to blog...
Amy louise


Anonymous said...

Ok, I just want to know if you were driving AND videoing at the same time??? I am sure that was increasing your SAFE factor , ha-ha! Fun to hear African Radio! More, more!
Love ya sissy, SK

Anonymous said...

Amy Lou ~ we miss you all so much but to be perfectly honest...I so enjoy your updates. You are THE PERFECT one to give us expressive & entertaining. No on measures up to your correspondence. I'm sending this to Katie Couric & telling her to WATCH OUT!

Love you much, miss you much,mean it much! Give those chickens a great big hug & a cluck from me.