Saturday, September 01, 2007

Petting lions in South Africa

So I am trying out my video downloader thing. It seemed to work this time. I will video more since it works. I want you see Malawi the way I am seeing it. This is an older video of us when we were in South Africa. As you can see these were just babies. I will add more!
Tomorrow we are head into town to visit a church. We had visited there before but the pastor was out of town. We really enjoyed it and look forward to see how it all works for us. They have childrens church and there are many families for the city of Lilongwe there. So fun for us get involved with local church. Maybe I will video for you if I remember.
So Nya did great in school! She really loves recess. What kindergardner doesn't?
Bob is so excited to teach these classes he has. He had fun this last week. He said he loves it. Preparing the future pastors and educators of Africa. That is really what is all about. Educating the Africans so they can accomplish so much more than some one who doesn't know the culture or the language.

So thank you for your prayers love and support of us. We couldn't be doing this without you.
Lots of love- Amy Louise

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