Friday, September 07, 2007

Here are some pictures for you...

So here is Bob's classroom from our door... Oh that poor Bob the Daily Commute - the Bumper to Bumper traffic he has to deal with daily!
Can you see the students mingling around...
Now can you see Bob... He kinda stands out! This was all taken within 1 minute with me running and I am out of shape!
For those who enjoyed the car ride.... here is the vehicle that it took place in! Can you see Analise!
Here is my favorite grocery store. I know you all are laughing (it's a gas station) but this is called foodworth and it really is a good grocery store. I will take you there another day!
The video posted before this is Analise favorite place to hang out with the neighbors. They have tea everyday about 10:30 and she loves hanging with them and the dog. Sweet people! I just want to eat them up.
So the rumor hear today around campus is that the container will come today! I will believe it when I see it.
Well- Lots of love- Amy Louise

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures Weez. Now I can imagine you all, all the more. We are praying for the imaginary (?)container. Cool that Bob is so close to home when at work. How close do the neighbors live that you showed us the video? Mom