Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Friends and milk????

So here is a picture of my sweet friend Linda holding Analise on her back as Malawian women carry their children. Analise loved it. So cute. They start carrying the children on their back after the umbilical cord heals until they are tooo heavy and can walk good on their own. I put Analise on my back and I have soooo much respect for these women. They not only have a child on their back but also carry something on their head and have things in their hands. Amazing. And I complain about my stroller. They don't have strollers here or special baby bjorns or special swaddlers or special joggers or anything like that here. Just a piece of material and you are good to go. About Linda she is an ABC Graduate here and is working at the radio station here. She is truly a treat to know and have as a friend.

Okay so here is my milk. It is not in my fridge it is on my pantry shelf. This is about 3 gallons worth. Each one is 500 ml. Total it is $6.50 gallon. Crazy. I also have orange juice that is $4.00 a gallon. So it can be spendy. They are both warm until I put in the fridge and they are cold when they are served... Yuck who wants warm milk or juice...

So what does our week look like this week.
Nya goes to school everyday until 12pm.

Bob teaches until 12pm everyday

Tomorrow I will work in the clinic with the x-ray tech to help organize and create some structure for him. Then in the afternoon I will go with some college students to an outreach they need a ride to. Then on Thursday I plan to go help with COTN. The organization that I talked about before. I will send pictures when I get them. Then on Friday, I plan to go help at a local Crisis Nursery. They take children with AIDS, Unwanted, Malnutrition, and Unable to take care of by parents because they are too poor. SO I will be going with my friend Mary( who is a freshman student here) and my friend Megan who you all saw before. There about 22 babies there right now and about 3 people to help them. So they always need someone to help rock, change, feed, And be an extra set of hands.

I plan to take Nya with me and Analise will be napping. So I will keep you updated!

Lots of love- Amy Louise

P.S. My dear friend Leanne broke her wrist on Saturday. So please pray for rapid healing for she is a teacher at the academy and momma and wife and really needs her right hand. She is right handed. :(

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