Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The days are flying by and being pokey at the same time...

How is that possible. Flying and pokey... who knows but that is what is happening here. The previous video is of Bob teaching in the daily chapel that occurs here on campus. He was teaching out of the Book of Mark he was encouraging the students when you have doubts to take them to Jesus not other people.
We are doing great here. Thank you for your prayers and love... Our container arrived safely YIPPPPPPEEE Now that Big truck is not all of ours. My friend Leanne who helped pack it said we have 1/3 of 1/4 of that big truck if that makes sense. We got our bed and couches, dressers, and kitchen staples which was crucial for sleeping and living. At least for me. What a treat. For us it was just staples that we brought over on the container. We have so much stuff it is embarrassing when our friends here in Malawi are thankful for the cardboard box it came in. It is embarrassing and humbling and trying to find the balance for living here in Africa. Do we deny our culture and live just like the Africans or do we bring our culture and our comforts of home and try and find that balance... all of us here on the campus struggle with that. So if any of you find that balance let me know.
So here is Analise looking at the truck bringing the container full of supplies from my living room window for the college here and some families that moved here and the academy ( the school that Nya goes to...)

Here is Nya and our friend with his baby His name is Ekton and that is his daughter Shalom. Can we say sooooo very cute. They came over for dinner last night. What a treat to have them as friends.

Well lots of love and thank you for your prayers. As we live Malawi pray that we will impact those around us and also they will do the same. May we live as simply and serve Jesus fully!

Well that all for now! Love us!

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