Saturday, August 04, 2007

the end of the season and a beginning of another...

Well it is officially D-DAY Whatever that means I don't know. DO IT DAY, DESTROYER DAY, DON'T Want to DO DAY Well Anyways- It Means IT IS HAPPENING TOMMORROW AND IT ALL BETTER BE PUT TOGETHER TODAY! OKAY Let's do it. So we have the house empty and doing the last cleaning & organizing our Africa luggage. Our girls are doing amazing as they have been shuffled between all our friends. Please know we appreciate all your prayers and continue to pray for our health as we travel and that the girls sleep. And us! We leave tomorrow at 7:55am but we are getting there at 5AM So that means we are waking up at toooo early mode. We arrive in Washington DC at 4pm and get on South Africa Airways at 5:20 and fly through the night. We arrive in South Africa at 2:30pm. It is 9 hours ahead off here.We will keep you updated!
Love- us

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SKP said...

I will miss you soooo much!