Monday, May 28, 2007

In God's timing...

That is what we are living and breathing right now. The house has not sold and we are being stretched to see how God has it in His plan. We are having to trust that He sees the whole picture and not just what we see. He promises us that He will be faithful and so we have to live trusting that. He doesn't tell us everything, but asks us to be obedient. So in all that we know we are to go to Africa and serve. We still have the house and He has to provide somehow the mortgage to be paid whether we are to sell it or rent it. He has to do it. So if you think of us be praying that we continue to be obedient with what He has told us and trust Him where He is working. That is the house. :) He has never let us down. So it will be fun to see Him do it again.
Love - Amy Louise

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